Sunday, March 18, 2007

Networking with FOCUS - Helping Others to Help You

It is one thing to build an influential and enthusiastic network through a focused strategy; it is another to get that network’s support when you need it. The most common problem is not, as you might think, people’s disinclination to help. Often people don’t get the utmost from their connections simply because they don’t make their message clear enough.

As discussed previously, once you know what return you are looking for it becomes much easier to communicate a clear message to others. Now you have to focus on that message and understand how it is perceived.

Frequently we are tempted to be as comprehensive as possible when asked what we do. It is far more effective to stop and think, “What do others need to hear for them to feel empowered to take actions I am looking for?” and then focus in and be as specific as possible.

Put yourself in other people’s shoes. You understand your business and your needs in much greater depth than they possibly could, so how can you frame your requests so that they can really latch onto them? When we have looked at this subject in past seminars, there have been very few occasions when a presentation couldn’t be completely overhauled when looked at from this angle.

Ask a few of your close friends how much they understand about your business and how they may be able to help you. And turn the question on yourself as well, looking at your business.

You may be surprised at the response, and compelled to look at the message you give from a different angle.

Next time … Putting it all Together

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