Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It Takes Teamwork to Tango

I've just received a spanking new copy of Russ King's new book 'It Takes Teamwork to Tango' through the post. I was fortunate enough to read a review copy. Here's what I said after reading it:

As a reader of non-fiction for over twenty years, I approached 'Tango' with a sense of trepidation. I don't do novels! However, I thoroughly enjoyed it and, to be honest, didn't want it to end. After years of running and attending networking events, it was amusing to see them through the eyes of people new to the process. And I recognised so many of the traits of fellow networkers.

Anyone who has been through the process of leaving corporate life to set up on their own and trying to find their way around the sea of networks will enjoy this book.

I haven't yet found my true love through networking, but at least I now know I may be only three degrees of separation away!

If you enjoy networking, I really recommend this book.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Who Else Could I Be?

With another series of the Apprentice coming to a close, on BBC2 last night Alan Sugar talked about the importance of ruthlessness in business. Referring to one contestant he said "she's not a nice person; but I don't always employ people I like".

Meanwhile, another contestant was described as being fired because he was "too nice".

In complete contrast to this approach, original Apprentice winner Tim Campbell talks to Monday9amTV about his outlook on business and the show.

For Tim, the adage of 'if you win, I lose' doesn't sit comfortably.

Is Alan Sugar right? Does ruthlessness and selfishness still play a huge role in business success?

Or can a win/win attitude get you similar results, while remaining a 'nice guy'?