Monday, June 11, 2007

Who Else Could I Be?

With another series of the Apprentice coming to a close, on BBC2 last night Alan Sugar talked about the importance of ruthlessness in business. Referring to one contestant he said "she's not a nice person; but I don't always employ people I like".

Meanwhile, another contestant was described as being fired because he was "too nice".

In complete contrast to this approach, original Apprentice winner Tim Campbell talks to Monday9amTV about his outlook on business and the show.

For Tim, the adage of 'if you win, I lose' doesn't sit comfortably.

Is Alan Sugar right? Does ruthlessness and selfishness still play a huge role in business success?

Or can a win/win attitude get you similar results, while remaining a 'nice guy'?


  1. Excellent video, I like the 'right' questions and the struggle that most of us have - to be oneself.

  2. Hi Andy

    I watched this yesterday with interest. For me, 'nasty' people might be good entertainment, but I wouldn't want to work with them/buy from them/have them work for me.

    Ruthless vs nice? Nice wins every time.