Friday, March 02, 2007

Networking with FOCUS - Beyond Money

Having discussed how important it is to have a clear vision of the financial return on your investment in networking, we need to turn our attention to the other ways networks can benefit both you and your business.

While new business is a key driver for many people joining groups, networkers report a range of rewards derived from their activities. Whether you are looking at personal development and support as an individual or staff development and new ideas for a business, it is important to have a clear range of objectives.

With more and more people leaving corporate life to work for themselves, networks can fill the void left after being surrounded by colleagues all day. It is only when you have left this environment that you can truly appreciate the value of having a group of people to share frustrations with, brainstorm problems and generate new ideas. The peer group support provided by many networking groups can prove invaluable.

Larger organisations should not dismiss this benefit and its relevance to their staff either. Giving your key employees a safe environment in which to develop their confidence, try new ideas, present to other businesses and be motivated by a support network can increase their productivity tremendously.

By having a clear focus on which of these intangible objectives will benefit your business, you can make a better decision on which networks to join, who needs to attend and what you need to put in to them in order to get the results you want.

Next time … Giving Your All.


  1. Molly Carey7:32 pm

    I have lost a very important blog/article and wondered if anyone else had seen it and saved it?

    In essence a guy is telling the tale of how much his pr/marketing budget had been (prior to networking) and the results in revenue. Over a period of two years ( I think) he reported that his PR/marketing budget has gone down considerably, his networking activity had increased significantly and his income had improved. This was a great testament to ROI and I'd like to pass the article on - and now cant find it.

  2. Hi Molly

    Do you know where you read the blog? Was it on an individual blog site or on a Social Network, such as Ecademy?