Saturday, August 02, 2008

Why Elevator Pitches Don't Work

- Do you have your 'elevator pitch' to hand every time you attend a networking event?
- Are you ready for people to ask 'what do you do?' and have a detailed response to hand?
- Do you ask someone you have just met what they do?

Watch this clip for my thoughts on this approach to networking.


  1. Nicely said Andy. I also agree that elevator pitches don't work for one on one conversations. You don't want a conversation forced. I tell people to have them prepared for group settings when you are asked to tell everyone about yourself.

  2. That's fair comment Jason. One that works for one-off or first breakfast meetings.

    If people go to a more regular event, then you need to be more specific, focused and vary your presentation.

    But that's a whole new blog!