Thursday, August 14, 2008

Networking Strategy Seminar - Harpenden, Herts 16th September 2008

Develop a strategy to get RESULTS from your networking, no matter where or when you choose to do so.

I will be running a half day networking strategy seminar on 16th September 2008 at the Harpenden House Hotel in Hertfordshire.

Do you want to:

- Achieve a tangible and substantial return on your investment in networking?

- Know which networking events and networking groups will be right for your business and know how to use your time more effectively?

- Substantially increase the benefits you get from networking and know how to keep on raising the bar?

- Get your message across in a way that your network understand how they can help you and take the steps to do so?

In this seminar, I will introduce you to a range of steps you can take to develop a successful networking strategy and communicate your needs to that network. I will help you understand how to:

- Distinguish between different networking groups, knowing which one is right for you

- Plan your networking to achieve considerable, and measurable, results

- Communicate your needs in a way that gets results

Full details are available here, where you can also book your slot.

See you there!

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