Friday, September 01, 2006

Why should people want to talk to you?

I constantly hear people at networking meetings ask for a contact and then say,

"Why I want to talk to them is....."

At the risk of delivering a jolt of reality, if you take this approach can I ask you a simple question:

"What do they care?"

If you want to generate referrals for your business, don't tell people why you want to talk to their contacts. However much your fellow networkers want to refer you, they just won't know how. Once they are with their contact; the person you want to speak to; they will stumble as soon as they try to make the introduction.

Just picture the scene:

"Hi Bob, can I introduce you to a friend of mine, John?"


"Errr....... he said he would like to talk to you"

If you want people to be able to connect you and help to develop more leads for your business, you need to share why others want to talk to you.

As Doug Ritchard said on the last series of Dragons Den, "We are all in business to solve problems. What problems do you solve?"

That's the message you need to get out. What problems other people have, the solution you provide and the benefit to the other person of your solution. In other words.... WHY SHOULD THEY WANT TO TALK TO YOU.

I read an excellent newsletter today from Jackie Barrie, who helps businesses become much more effective in their communications. Jackie talks about the same problem and gives this top tip:

"Think about what problem your product or service solves and focus on the solution in your marketing communications."

In short, why should people talk to you?

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