Sunday, September 03, 2006

Saving the Last Dance

A Midlands BRE member, Adam Smith, of, sent me this story this morning. It is a classic example of the sort of story we all hear so many times but that really illustrates how important our networks can be in personal as well as business lives.

The power of networking really hit me tonight. I was at a wedding and the DJ didn't turn up, after a few phone calls it turned out he was never going to turn up. I called a good friend of mine who suggested I ring someone but say that my friend had suggested I call.

A Saturday night and with 30 mins spare I had a DJ turn up and he did a fantastic job.
From this i learned call the people you need to, when you need to, with specific requests and you get exactly what you want.

DO NOT be afraid to ask for what you what you just might get it! A scary thought!

I am sure that you have heard of Stanley Milgram's theory of Six Degrees of Separation, but how often do you consider how it works in real life? How often does a friend of a friend come to your rescue?

The stronger your network and the closer you keep your networks to you, the more 'friends of friends' you will suddenly have.

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