Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Bizarre Business Card Exchanges

I received this email, and challenge, from BRE member Jane Barnett of Essential Therapies in Cleveland recently.

Just as I came off the A1M to head back to Teesside…a lorry had to slow down in front of me, put on its hazard lights, and manoeuvre around a car that had its boot ABLAZE!!!

After managing to get past it myself, I remembered that I usually carry a fire extinguisher in my car!

So after a couple of seconds of wondering if I should turn around & offer help or not…then deciding YES, ‘cos I’d want someone to help me out if God forbid I was in that situation…

…I pulled up behind the car and handed the extinguisher to a very thankful business man!

Now I won’t go too into detail, but it was his products that were flammable and they’d not only set themselves alight, but also his sales brochures, most of his boot lining…and his overnight bag as well! (Passing lorries etc were only worsening the situation by fanning the flames!).

(Apart from the fact his car could of very nearly blown up, along with him…it wasn’t doing much for the grass verge & near by bushes either)!!! Not to mention the hazard that the smoke was causing to the passing vehicles!

So once he’d called to alert the fire brigade for them to come & give the situation the all clear…I said my goodbyes & intended to be on my way!

As I was leaving…he asked for my business card!!! So he could replace the extinguisher!

I couldn’t help but smile as I told him I was just on my way home from my morning networking meeting…and ‘we’re always encouraged to use every opportunity to network…but this was unbelievable’..he smiled as well as he agreed you just couldn’t make this one up!!!

So what did I learn from this? Always carry your business cards with you, ‘cos you never know when someone is going to ask for one…Always lend a hand to someone in need…it may just be you needing help next time…

And what did I get for my assistance that I was only too happy to give anyway???

A BEAUTIFUL bouquet of flowers delivered to me this afternoon as a thank you! It’s made my day…just by helping someone else!

SO…I am laying down the gauntlet…and inviting anyone else to try and beat that bizarre business card exchange…Nice bottle of wine to the winner!!!

Happy Networking


So, the gauntlet has been laid down. Where have you exchanged your business cards? All good clean contributions will be published here.


  1. Thank you for sharing that story.

  2. Rosemary Slosek10:05 pm

    I've sent people homemade mince pies and homemade fudge with my business card in the package.