Thursday, May 13, 2010

Connecting is not Enough - The Newsletter

In the latest edition of Connecting is not Enough I get my teeth stuck into the British political system and what our politicians could learn by engaging in a little bit of networking. And it's not just the UK politicians who should be thinking more about collaboration.

Also included, of course, is the usual blend of networking tips, referral ideas, social networking suggestions and video. With, of course, the latest from The National Networker, a new video and just a little bit of fun.

If you're not a lucky subscriber and haven't had your copy hand delivered yet, you need wait no longer.


  1. Well, I'm going to give this newsletter a look! If nothing else it will be interesting to see a UK spin on things. I'd like to recommend (I firmly believe that the more info the better, especially when it comes to ways to grow your business) Fast Track Networking by Queen of Networking Lucy Rosen. It's coming out next month (already have my copy pre-ordered!) and is filled with tips, step-by-step methods to network, success stories and do's and don'ts. I'm not particularly great at networking, but with business down and finding the need to get out there and be more visible. I know of Lucy Rosen and how successful she's been, so I know she's going to have some great information for anyone in business, whether it's starting one, growing business or even looking for a new career.

  2. Thank you both for your comment Liz and for recommending Lucy's book.