Friday, March 12, 2010

Connecting is not Enough: The Newsletter

In the latest  issue of Connecting is not Enough, I have introduced a new column 'looking for...'. We all have people in our networks who are struggling to find a new job and, despite the wealth of candidates, many of us know people searching for the right candidate.

I'd like to tap into the power of the collective networks of the people who read this blog and the newsletter to help. Each issue I'll be featuring a couple of people and/or vacancies, together with the question 'Who do you know who...?'

Please have a look at the candidates in the latest issue, one looking for a role in banking and another in marketing. Both of these candidates are London based but this feature is by no means restricted to London, or even the UK.

Also in this issue:

- Why you shouldn't leave networking events early

- Don't take notes, take notice

- Why 'Yes Men' lose out

- The UK's Enterprise Manifesto

You can read more networking tips and videos here.

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