Wednesday, July 02, 2008

...and Death Came Third! A minute to win it.

'...and Death Came Third!' was recently chosen as book of the month by a women's business book club in Nottingham as their book of the month. I joined the book club by phone for the second part of their discussions to answer their questions prompted by reading the book.

One of the club's members, Ros Horsley, surprised me at the end of our discussions with a poem she had written after reading the book.

and death came third! –a minute to win it

There are several networks in my life,
As a daughter,
A mother
And wife.

My father needs help as his garden grows
Who can help him? Lesley Brown knows

My son dreams of replacing John Motson,
presenting sport shows,
Who can help him?
A newspaper editor knows.
At a breakfast network he had to say
Where he looks for journalists with an NCTJ

My daughter wants an agent, to model beautiful clothes
A colleague at work has a model daughter who knows

One of my husband’s gifts was to teach me to sail,
The tiller girl maintaining course without fail,
He networks the deck for extra 1%s of air yield,
Which put us in front of the rest of the field.

The book asks you to focus on needs for help in your business plan
And gives tips to increase the quality and quantity of networks who can,
By giving and receiving solutions, your network grows,
Who can you be there for?
Someone knows.

Ros Horsley June 2008

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