Friday, February 02, 2007

The 51-51 Equation

I recently met a very interesting woman, Servane Mouazan, who describes herself as a social entrepreneur and social innovation coach.

Servane has a theory about networking which she calls 'The 51-51 Equation'. Servane describes this as a way to measure and value your connections and your networking standards. Relationships which follow Servane's equation should result in benefits for both parties.

The principle expressed by Servane is nothing new, but the equation is a very nice way of expressing the importance of the old adage of going the extra mile. If both parties in an interaction take one more step than that expected of them, the results will be a much stronger relationship and greater levels of trust and rapport.

Servane describes the simple steps you can take to go beyond a 'flat 50%-50%'. Simple things such as recommending someone else to attend an event when you can't; prompting people who are explaining their business to you at speed networking by asking the right questions or helping the host clear up at the end of networking events. As Servane puts it, 'this is the moment when secrets are revealed!'.

Many people now recognise that networking effectively means much more than just collecting business cards and getting sales. The power of networks to provide support, advice and knowledge to its members is of increasing importance to many business people. By offering such support, you raise your profile and reputation in your network and naturally draw people to you.

The 51-51 equation is about going beyond what is expected and into the realms where you stand out from others and connect on a much deeper level.

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