Tuesday, January 13, 2009

International Networking Week 2009

February 2-6th sees the third annual International Networking Week. Sponsored by BNI, the last two years have seen the majority of events in the UK taking place in BNI Chapters.

With concerns of businesses focusing on a year of economic gloom and doom, events like this which promote networking as the way forward provide us with the shot in the arm many of us need.

In this video, Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, talks about how businesses approaching the recession positively can achieve so much more.

"If you want to do well in business, you must understand that it does absolutely no good to complain to people about tough times. While you cannot control the economy or your competition, you can control your response", says Dr. Misner, talking about the role of networking in fighting a recession.

It would be great to see International Networking Week expand to other organisations in the UK and become more widespread. If you have an event, feel free to post it as a comment on this blog.

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