Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forget social networking - "Make Face Time"!

Dentyne Chewing Gum have just launched a campaign in the States to encourage people to get away from social networks and "power down, log off, unplug,,,make face time".

"Everyone loves technology and everyone uses it," said Josette Barenholtz, the marketing director for Dentyne. "What's meaningful is being reminded that being face to face can't be substituted."

Perhaps this is the beginning of the rebellion against social networks? I doubt it but it would be good if it begins an understanding that it's not one approach or the other (online v offline) but the right combination that makes networking work. Whether socially or for business.

Thanks to Jason Jacobsohn of Networking Insight for blogging this originally.

1 comment:

  1. Andy. While Twitter, Facebook et al have their place, nothing beats pressing the flesh.

    In business, people buy people. So there's no substitute for getting out there and meeting potential customers and suppliers.