Saturday, April 05, 2008

Aiming Sky High

I'm always encouraging people to take every appropriate opportunity to ask for what they want. After all, if you don't share your needs with people who can help, how will they know how to?

I was, therefore, impressed by the 'cheek' of the caller to BBC Radio 5 Live's '606' sports phone-in this evening. A Portsmouth FC fan, celebrating his team's success in reaching the FA Cup Final for nearly 70 years (for non-football fans, this is a big deal!), he was shocked to realise that he has a big exam at 9.30am on the morning of the Final. To make matters worse, the exam is taking place in Aberystwyth - some 230 miles away. Far too far away for a game kicking off at 3pm.

Undeterred, the caller made a plea to all listeners to the programme.....could anyone lend him a helicopter to help him get to the game in time?!

At present, I don't know the response to his appeal but I hope he is successful. Such creative thinking to solve a problem and faith in the ability of fellow fans to help deserves a result.

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