Monday, January 14, 2008

"What's the Difference between Conversation and Advertising?"

This was the question just asked at the end of a BBC London news report into a new marketing initiative in the Capital City.

London taxi drivers, famed for their ability to chat throughout your journey on any subject under the sun, are now talking about the sun. Around 60 Black Cab drivers are being flown out on all-expense paid holidays and then asked to come back and wax lyrical about the destinations to their captive audience. Others are being briefed on the companies behind the adverts carried outside their cabs so that they can promote their products.

This simple example of Word of Mouth marketing has the local media buzzing about buzz.

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  1. Suzanne Doyle Morris10:17 am

    London cabbies are a interesting choice as I know they have a certain credibility for being well-read and educated that cabbies in other countries don't. As a D.C. native living in the UK, visiting Americans often comment to me about how interesting London cab drivers are....all in all, very sly on the part of the marketers.