Thursday, August 16, 2007

8 Random things about Andy Lopata

I have been tagged by Jason Jacobsohn, US blogger of 'Networking Insight' to tell readers of this blog eight random things about myself. Now here's your chance to find out more about me.

1 - A keen child actor, I auditioned for the Royal Shakespeare Company when I was at school.

2 - I am a big fan of Charlton Athletic but can't let my support rest at just going to games. I sold programmes and then worked on the turnstiles as a teenager, became a member of the Supporters Club committee running the train service for away travel and then launched a fanzine, 'Goodbye Horse' which went on to be voted the best in the country by 'Total Football' magazine.

3 - I've parachute jumped in Kent, rap jumped in Kuranda, abseiled in the Lake District and Scotland, climbed Ayers Rock and Ben Nevis and drank champagne on the Great Wall of China, all while scared of heights!

4 - I worked as a runner on film sets in South Africa and as a sound engineer for radio interviews in London

5 - I used to work in the Royal Albert Hall and have abseiled from inside the dome.

6 - I snorkeled during the coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef and alongside Whale Sharks in the Phillipines

7 - I have danced on stage. Embarrassingly, the song was The Weather Girls, 'It's Raining Men'!

8 - After ten years, I still can't get my golf handicap down, having just broken the 100 barrier for the first time a couple of months ago.

In the same spirit of tagging, I tag the following eight people to share eight random things about themselves with their readers:

Dave Clarke
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David McQueen

I think it's time for another tag, so I also challenge Kim Rix of The SaVVy Club to share eight random things about herself on her blog.


  1. Patrick Philpott11:41 pm

    I thought I was the only person on Earth with a handicap of anywhere near a hundred.....I'm guessing that is your handicap, and not that you got round the course in 100.

    If it's the former, then I feel your pain.

  2. Er no, it's not quite that bad! I went round the course in 99 (woo-hoo!).

    My 'official' handicap is 28, and I just can't seem to shift it.

  3. Claire Lopata3:08 pm

    I didnt realise I had such a celebrity for a son!