Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Book of the Book......

Following the success of '...and Death Came Third!', which went straight to Number 2 on on the day of launch, many people have asked Peter Roper and I about how we ran our campaign and a number of other authors have tried similar campaigns.

Many of these campaigns were run by the masterminds of our Amazon campaign, Joe Gregory and Debbie Jenkins of Bookshaker. Joe and Debs have now brought out the book of the book, 'The Amazon Bestseller Plan'.

And if you want to see the plan in a nutshell, Joe and Debs tell you all about it here.

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  1. Since Andy's and Peter's success many, many authors (not just those we published) are trying the same thing.

    Some of these people have asked us to promote their book in the same way but we've declined because we're publishers (with authors to look after) and we no longer sell our time.

    However, we did want to share. So for our part we've gone public, warts-and-all, on the system we used so that more authors will succeed and we can keep our time safe to promote our own author's books.

    However, having a plan - even one that we know works - is no guarantee of success.

    The real magic comes from following the steps and taking MASSIVE action until your goal is achieved.

    Andy's and Peter's enthusiasm, their ability to take on a challenge, do what was required and willingness to ask for what they wanted is something I believe we can all learn from.

    It was certainly an inspiration to me.